When I was a teenager, I have been playing with fabrics and designing clothes with joy, believing everybody could do it. After 25 years of working in interior design industry and more than 40 years of creating my own clothes, designing the styles and sewing, I have come up with an entirely new concept. ARMUTO was born when I was 54 years old, and it reflects my passion to play with materials, transforming them into something beautiful and unique, and my love for comfort and coziness.

MUTO, “transform” from Latin, is a word that defines me well because the art of metamorphosis resonates deeply with me, affecting me in all aspects of my life and especially in creation of my high-quality garments. In my journey I have also been creating unique prints by combining various textures and images of women who have inspired or influenced me. The garments in the process of testing will be very colorful, funny, and light! Trust me, the summer 2021 will be shining and bright!


ARMUTO | Prêt-à-porter clothing for women! ARMUTO | The art of dressing women with style, elegance & comfort!


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