Design & Art of living

Creating beauty and comfort is my second nature! Imagine a world where everything would be beautiful & functional! And why not start with our living spaces! With a very fine intuition, I am able to quickly capture and understand your style and your needs, while respecting your budget. My approach is based on your well-being! How do you want to feel in your space? Does it represent your style and your values?

More than ever, we need visual harmony, which calms our minds! I am here to optimize and reorganize your living spaces!

Looking forward to talk to you!




One word defines me quite well: transformation! When everything becomes a pretext for this, it is very difficult for a creator to stay in a single niche! Although I studied interior design and have been practicing this art for over 25 years, it has also been linked to fashion & visual arts, creating my prints & patterns for women's clothing! Hence the creation of the company name Armuto: the marriage of two words arts and muto, latin for transformation. Contemporary art & architecture are also a source of great inspiration.

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