There are so many varieties and choices to make, right? Ceramics, color selections, faucets, lighting....

In short, your designer will know how to orchestrate all these to support you with ease in what will ultimately give the most beautiful results!

Basically: the choices of materials, a layout plan and some 2D & 3D elevations will show you the full potential of your future project.

The artistic touch

The richness of a decor is also a delicious marriage of textures which will set the tone for the desired atmosphere!

Wallpaper has this quality of instantly transforming a room! Add the right lighting and voilà!

A well-constructed decor will be durable! It is the characteristic of creators to have vision that will stand the test of time!

Strategic spaces are major investments! Hence the importance of knowing what you are doing! Your designer is there to guide you in sustainable & quality choices!

You will be surrounded & supported by an experienced & reliable team!

In any project, the ultimate goal is to be satisfied & happy with the journey as well as the results!



The wardrobe!

Simply said, we want to see everything and have everything on hand to make it easier to start our day in style!

Optimize & organize according to your needs!

Even small spaces can be transformed into a walk-in closet using some clever tips.

And why not bring new life into some beautiful, quality pieces that you no longer wear. My creativity and my experience may surprise you1


By playing with colors & shapes, you can give the illusion of lowering a ceiling, create an original headboard, in short there are no limits to imagination!

Another tip is to use the entire wall with images or color blocks at the right scale, this resizes the space and creates, what I call the ''WOW FACTOR''.

Take out your treasures and give them another function! It's a great way to recycle nicely.



It's like falling in love!

Years of expertise in this field have led me to develop a keen sense and vision to find rare gems either with original art works or high quality reproductions for private houses & hotel projects. With unique framings, all that remains is to install your favorite art in creative arrangements that will highlight them!

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